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All production processes in the transport industry represent a health hazard for those exposed to them.

NEXAIR offers solutions for the treatment of dust, oil mist, welding fumes, production waste and solvent vapours.


In all industrial sectors there are many ventilation requirements, the first stage in an air purification solution involving conventional ventilation, or air compensation with a solution for extracting specific pollutants.

Applications :

  • General workshop ventilation
  • Heat extraction, blowing, drying
  • Vacuuming and treatment of solvents, glue vapours and VOCs
  • Suction and treatment of oil mist on machine tools and machining centres
  • Suction on suction table, drum, mixing tank, weighing station
  • Vacuum paint booths
  • Vacuuming Polishing
  • Welding fume extraction

Pneumatic chip transfer

Your waste transfer installation is essential to the operation of your manufacturing process, and must be perfectly functional. Drawing on our experience in a wide range of business sectors, we can help you define your needs.

We design and install turnkey, tailor-made waste transfer solutions. These installations meet your needs in terms of throughput, regulatory compliance and compliance with the ATEX.

Applications :

  • Suction, transport and separation of dry or lubricated metal chips

Central vacuum cleaning

Various industrial sectors may need to treat their manufacturing residues in order to maintain a healthy, safe and high-quality environment for the people working in the areas concerned. Centralised vacuum cleaning is a practical, easy-to-use tool.

We design and install turnkey, tailor-made industrial extraction solutions that comply with regulations, exposure limit values and the ATEX.

Applications :

  • Process suction on assembly line
  • Vacuuming on portable machines: sanders, riveters, drills, etc.
  • Simultaneity adapted to production rates and number of operators
  • Chromium VI filtration
  • Cleaning machines and floors