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NEX-FAMVC compact vertical bag filter


The FAMVC is a high-efficiency dust collector for very dusty applications. It can handle air flow volumes from 4,000 m3/h to 30,000 m3/h.

Its main advantage is its compact size, made possible by a system of vertical handle cassettes. It is therefore designed with a restricted height to meet the needs of sites where height is limited. Different sizes of dust collector are available, with increasing widths to offer greater capacities.

The FAMVC is equipped with an automatic compressed-air cleaning system that enables it to work continuously for extended periods. This system allows optimum efficiency to be maintained at all times, and also ensures a uniform pressure drop throughout the life of the media.

It is designed to work in a variety of environments. The operating temperature and intended application will depend on the type of material chosen for the handles.

Optimised design for maintenance.

The FAMVC’s main asset is a set of 57 mm diameter filter bags mounted on a galvanised steel support plate.

The handle cassette is made from galvanised sheet steel with integrated springs. They provide rigidity to the handles when the device is in operation. The sleeves are fixed to the plate by a cast aluminium venturi.

This system means that media can be replaced safely and very quickly, thanks to front access doors.



Modular design for high flow rates


Available in Standard or ATEX versions

Choice of outings

Top or side exit possible


Replacing sleeves without entering the casing


Filtration and performance


Reduced dimensions

Tailor-made integration

  • Tipper, drum or big bag
  • Rotary or screw splicer
  • Insulation
  • Sleeve access gangway (optional)
  • Adaptable fan
  • Specific electrical cabinet