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NEX-FAP bag filter


The NEX-FAP is a baghouse designed to handle most dry, fine, non-fibrous dusts. Its compact size is an advantage in confined spaces, and it can handle air flows ranging from 150 to 6,000 m3/h in the standard version.

Each version can be converted to an ATEX version for handling explosive dusts, by adding an indoor or outdoor vent.

Its compressed air cleaning system makes it adaptable to all industrial processes, whether they run continuously or not.

As standard, the filter is fitted with a sequencer to control cleaning. It can also be fitted with our compact electrical box to manage the installation and cleaning independently.

Also available in a high-vacuum version

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The NEX-FAPHD is the circular version of the NEX-FAP, used mainly in installations where the vacuum is high, such as for Centralised Vacuum Cleaning (CVC).

The NEX-FAPHD is equipped with a tangential inlet for pre-separation of the heaviest particles using the cyclonic effect. This limits the amount of material to be filtered through the pockets;

Its compact size makes it the perfect filter for small spaces.



Robust design for long service life


Available in Standard or ATEX versions


Optimised energy consumption


Replacement of the front pockets, with access through the door


Filtration and performance


Reduced dimensions

Wide choice of options

  • Specific media
  • Access framework
  • Isolation register
  • 200L drum
  • Tilting barrel
  • Recovery skip
  • Big-bag support
  • Rotary sluice
  • Guillotine valve